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Are you looking for a family oriented activity? Then you have come to the right place.
 The following information should answer many of your questions.

Welcome. If you are new to Scouting, welcome!  We are glad you are here.  If you are returning, we are
happy you are back. We hope you are ready for another exciting year.  Please see the calendar for a list
of all activities that we have planned throughout the year.
Pack 996 believes that the Cub Scout program is family oriented.  Families are encouraged to attend as
many Pack meetings and Pack Special Events this year as they can.
This is a most important time in your child’s growth.  Now, your child needs something only you can give
them… some of your time.  Pack 996 provides you with rich opportunities to spend some great times
together.  To make it all worthwhile, you will have certain responsibilities as will the Pack.

· Help your Cub Scout with achievements and electives.
· Volunteer at one or more Pack activity.
· Support and take a part in Pack activities.
· Help with Pack finances and fundraising.
· Work with Den and Pack Leaders.

In turn, the Pack has certain responsibilities to your child:
· Provide well planned, year-round activities.
· Provide trained, qualified, enthusiastic leaders.
· Keep parents informed.
· Provide family activities.

Meetings. The Pack meets weekly on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 p.m.  Your child’s volunteer adult
den leader will determine your activity schedule.  We also have many special events and camp-outs.
Please see the Calendar for a full listing.

Registration Fees. When you and your child decide to join Pack 996, you will be required to pay certain
The fees for Pack 996 2022-2023 Scouting year will be $225, payable in full or in installments. 
There are options available for reducing your registration costs significantly through fundraising.

Part of the fees include the National Registration fee paid to BSA, and the Council Program Fee paid to the Central Florida Council.  Pack dues and profits from Popcorn Sales, are used to pay for many pack activities including: pinewood derby cars for every scout, advancement gifts for every scout who completed the year, as well as Pack ceremonies. 
Please make your checks payable to Cub Scout Pack
Venmo is also accepted: @Pack-HC. 
Credit cards can be accepted however additional fees may apply.

Other Costs:
There will be may optional activities throughout the year that may require additional cost for participation. See the Pack Calendar for a list of events, and estimated costs.
Uniforms, and Cub Scout Handbooks should be purchased individually. Sometimes there are parents who have used uniforms from previous years, ask around!
Also, sometimes handbooks can be re-used from previous siblings who have gone through the program.

Cub Scout Uniforms. A uniform gives the child a sense of belonging, a source of pride, and encourages proper behavior. You can buy the official uniform at the following locations:

1.  Uniform Cottage, 12 E Darlington Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741
2.  The Scout Shop, 1951 South Orange Blossom Trail Apopka, FL 32703.

A pack T-shirt can also be worn as a less official “Class B” uniform to Den Meetings and other Pack activities.
Official Pack T-shirts can be purchased from the Pack.

*See below section to download the "Cub Scout Uniform Guide and Pricing" information.

Cub Scout Adult Leaders. The Pack has a responsibility to provide trained, qualified, and
enthusiastic leaders.  We need you to be a leader in Pack 996.  Every parent is expected to help.  All you
really need is a willingness to build a great program for our Cubs and families.  Please consider signing up
today.  BSA mandates two-deep leadership, which requires that two registered adult leaders be present
at all outings, meetings, etc.

Annual Popcorn and Camp Card Fundraiser. Pack 996 needs to fund-raise to keep the Pack going.
Trail’s End Popcorn is a top quality, competitively priced product, and over 70 cents of every dollar supports
Scouting with almost 50% of our sales staying with the Pack.  The sale is organized into two main phases. 
First will be the “Show and Sell” where all scouts will be asked to participate in selling “in stock”
popcorn in front of a local grocery or retail store.  The second phase is called “Wagon Sales” and is based
on order Scouts take on the Trails End App from among neighbors, family, and so forth.  The money the Pack
earns from this one fundraiser will significantly reduce parent out-of-pocket expenses.  ALL SCOUTS ARE

Pack Communication. The Pack communicates primarily via messages, and the calendar on our Band App.  Please see one
of the leaders if you do not have access to the site.  Communication is important.  These communications
are our primary method of communicating with Pack parents.  Parents should review the information
and keep it as a handy reference.  The emails will provide all available information on Pack, District and
Council events as the months unfold.  It will provide information for both Cub Scout and Leader events.
There is also a monthly planning meeting  each month at 5:30 p.m. before the
meeting. It is a great way to get information and be involved. Please stop in.
If you have any questions, please call or email any leader. Some are listed here:

Cubmaster: Jeff Grevert: 813-394-3873:
Assistant Cubmaster: Adam Bowers: 407-970-5126:
New Member Coordinator : John Prest: 407-361-2931:

Cub Scout Uniforms

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Cub Scout Uniform Guide and Pricing.pdf Cub Scout Uniform Guide and Pricing  



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