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Boy Scout Troop 166 in Chicago
Welcome to the internet home of
Troop 166
We Rock! Weather or Not!

Headquartered in Chicago, IL.
Summer HQ at Owasippe Scout Reservation 
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Wednesday evenings 19:30 - 21:00 @ United in Faith Lutheran Church


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Current Troop Status:

April began with a day outing to McFetridge Ice Arena at California Park. No, I didn’t skate (with age comes wisdom) but our Scouts did. Mind you, none of them ever claimed to be experts, but I must admit, they are better skaters now than they were last month. Bottom line is, they had a really good time, and we leaders enjoyed watching them practice, fall, teach each other, learn from each other (and some of the other kids there, too). Especially the falling, that was fun to watch. :-) Fun + no blood + no broken bones = a successful outing.

Sadly, the District Camporee didn’t happen. Although at the very end we decided not to attend (terrible communication and organization by the staff), it appeared that we were not alone, as the entire event was cancelled. I think this was a wise decision by the District, as a poor event is far worse than no event at all. I am led to believe that the next Camporee will be held in the fall of ‘18, so we can hope for a much better-run event then.

Personally, I was grateful for the weekend off, as we had an Eagle Scout Presentation Ceremony (Court of Honor) to arrange. On Sunday the 30th, Quinn Friedl was formally inducted into the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts. It was a fantastic ceremony that brought more than one tear to more than one eye. The Friedl Family would like to thank the following people for making it such a profound success:

  •  Eagle Scout Matt Moser, our “Voice of the Eagle”
  •  Scout Miles Krell, our Captain of the Color Guard
  •  Scouts Zak Friedl and Patrick Rzeznik, collectively our Color Guard and Honor Guard
  •  Eagle Scout Andy Witt, the Master of Ceremonies
  •  Scoutmaster Emeritus Brian Sparks, who told Quinn’s Scouting Story
  •  Eagle Scouts Joe Schroeter and Josh Witt, who prepared Quinn with the Eagle Charge, and the Eagle Challenge
  •  Lisa, Matt and Ms. Topsy, our family, for so much help behind the scenes, without which, things simply would not have gone well at all.
  •  Everyone who helped Quinn become the awesome young man that he is.

Just this last weekend, as of this writing, we ventured to the Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville. While enjoying or Scouts’ cooking of blueberry/raspberry/blackberry pancakes and grilled Hawaiian sandwiches, we took advantage of the outdoor archery range to hone our arrow-slinging skills. These Scouts are getting pretty good. Lots of yellow circle hits. Sadly, we lost another tent pole to the weather (I’m thinking of naming this site “tent-killer”). But, as above, fun + no blood + no broken bones = a successful outing.

Coming up in our program:

? the Order of the Arrow Memorial Day Work Weekend, where we help to get our long-term camp Owasippe Scout Reservation ready for the coming season

? A day trip to a new field archery range, recently discovered by yours truly

? Two weeks at Owasippe Scout Reservation, in the Manistee National Forest.

Always active, Weather or NOT!