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Boy Scout Troop 166 in Chicago
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Headquartered in Chicago, IL.
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Wednesday evenings 19:30 - 21:00 @ United in Faith Lutheran Church


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Current Troop Status:

Hello, and Happy Autumn!

Since my last submission, we’ve been concentrating on tours and day trips. Since school has started, our Scouts need some time to focus on getting a good start to the year. This, I believe, we have done.

On September 13, we sent recruiting parties to both Norman Bridge and Union Ridge (hey, that rhymes!) elementary schools. Sadly, we came away with no recruits, but we do have high hopes for future recruiting through other means. We did come away with the feeling that we now have strong, positive relations with the Principal and administration of Union Ridge, as well as our established good terms with the Bridge leadership, so we continue to have hopes for the future. By the way, the Ice Cream Social at Union Ridge was a lot of fun, and, I think, a great idea.

That same night we held our Court of Honor, at which we presented the new program plan, and of course, the advancement awards earned by our Scouts at Summer Camp and since. Congratulations to Ms. Paula Krell and Ms. Heidi Weishuk who tied for best in our “Find a Person Who:” contest. Some things that our little group have done are: driven a dukw, flown a blimp and hit their head on a submarine. I am also aware of one Scouter who has collided with a highway in a motorboat, though that little gem was not part of the contest.

On September 19 we toured the Mainstream Pumping Station and McCook Reservoir in Hodgkins, IL. To quote Chicago Tonight, “It’s being called the Grand Canyon of the Midwest—but on a vastly smaller scale. Still, at 3,000 feet long and 310 feet deep, the McCook Reservoir is an impressive sight. It’ll be put into service later this year and has the capacity to hold 3.5 billion gallons of stormwater. That’s a lot of rainfall that officials say won’t be accumulating on Chicago-area streets and in basements.” Yeah, it’s a BIG hole in the ground. No, it ain’t no Grand Canyon. Still very impressive, though. Between viewing displays and videos, and talking with the engineer in charge, we all learned quite a bit about the sewage and storm water handling system in and around Chicago. That information might come in handy some day. Hope not.

You may have seen some of our Scouts out and about in uniform trying to sell that gourmet popcorn the BSA offers. No word on profits yet, but it really is kind of getting out and meeting folks. Lots of love for the Scouts from some, and lots of amusement from the others :-)

On the weekend of September 29, some of our Arrowmen went to the Owasippe Lodge (Chicago area) Fall Fellowship. For two days and nights, we participated in work projects to prepare Camp Betz for the coming winter. At these Fellowships, ceremonies are held for inducting new Arrowmen. I’m proud to say that our newest Arrowman, Zak, performed brilliantly in his first portrayal of the Mighty Chief. I am just as proud to announce that Assistant Scoutmaster Mr. Quinn Friedl managed the entire ceremonial aspect of the weekend in his capacity as Chapter Meteu. Despite problems with personnel, equipment and wide-ranging expectations, all ceremonies were completed. No, Meteu does NOT mean “Herder of Cats”, but it may as well.

Sadly, our planned Orienteering course of October 8 was cancelled, due to some very busy Scouts. I believe something was mentioned about gerbils, but I’m not asking. Also, our trip to Green River Wildlife Preserve was postponed from October 14 to October 21. Now normally we do NOT cancel missions due to inclement weather (Weather or NOT!), but in this case, when the entire purpose of the trip was to stargaze with a gathering of amateur astronomers, and the astronomers postpone due to expected thunderstorms, well, we’re not stupid either. Here’s hoping the weather is better on the 21st. So anyway, should AstroFest work out, it means cancelling another Orienteering meet. But, should AstroFest cancel again, at least we’ll be out on the 22nd orienteering once again. And this time, the Scouts want to try an orange (intermediate) course.

More next month, (if we all make it back).

Always active, Weather or NOT!