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Boy Scout Troop 166 in Chicago Welcome to the internet home of  
Troop 166, Chicago
We Rock, Weather or Not!

Headquartered in Chicago, IL.
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Wednesday evenings 19:30 - 21:00 @ United in Faith Church

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Current Troop Status:

Good day, all, Troop 166 has been as busy as ever. With a variety of outings planned and trips being prepared for, our Scouts have been hard at work, practicing skills necessary for these endeavors. Scouts Zak, Ted and Matthew enjoyed a Court of Honor, and received a variety of awards ranging from certificates of training to merit badges. That said, a great many changes have been decided upon or made in the last month, and so a brief explanation might not go amiss. As many of you will be aware, beginning in 2019, girls will be allowed into the Boy Scouts of America as youth. The program, now slotted to be renamed to Scouting, BSA, will cater to both young men and women and allow them both to experience the joys, skills and camaraderie that come with a troop. However, at least for the time being, it is up to individual troops to decide whether or not they wish to accept girls into their program. Many of the families that participate with us know women that would have loved nothing more than to learn the skills of camping, pioneering, and all the hearty outdoor education the BSA has provided for more than a century. It is with this in mind that the Committee of Troop 166 decided that girls would be welcomed into our community as soon as possible. Because of the pilot nature of this program- we are the first troop in the area to announce that we will accept girls into our youth activities- it’s important to note that, for a female contingent to be formed in a troop, no less than five girls (between the ages of 11 and 17) must form the roster. To that end, if you know someone who has displayed an interest in Scouting, or you think might enjoy what our program has to offer, by all means let them know that Troop 166 would love to welcome them. Another equally important development of a similar vein; Troop 166 has long been without a Cub Scout Pack. Cub Scouts, essentially a Boy Scout program for youth 6-10 years of age, is an excellent precursor to Scouting, and allows a more diverse age group to benefit from Scouting’s teachings. Interest in forming a Cub Pack, both from leaders and prospective Cub Scout parents has been high, and, in the hope of receiving permission from the Church Council, we will be attempting to form a Cub Scout Pack in upcoming months. While Boy Scouts will not allow girls into its program until 2019 officially begins, Cub Scouts has already included girls successfully. As such, if you know a young person, 6- 10 years of age, who has shown an interest in joining a group like Cub Scouts, Troop 166 might be the perfect place for them. In the near future, Troop 166 will be taking a variety of hikes (including a Haunted Hike to fit the season). Additionally, a Camporee Weekend is being planned, where our Scouts will present their skills in a series of challenges designed to test them. We’re very much looking forward to a busy and fulfilling latter half of 2018!
Respectfully Submitted,
Quinn Friedl
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 166

Always active, Weather or NOT!