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Boy Scout Troop 166 in Chicago
Troop 166
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Wednesday evenings 19:30 - 21:00
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Current Troop Status

October 10, 2018

Things are looking up for UIF Scouting this month!

As my esteemed Assistant, Quinn mentioned last month (Thanks, Quinn), we are taking steps to increase the number of units we have here, so as to increase the number of youth we can serve. We have completed the paperwork to create a Cub Scout Pack! As you may remember, UIF once chartered Cub Pack 3166, and for reasons not important here, it dissolved. However, at a recent recruiting event for the Boy Scouts (age 11-17) we discovered instead a number of parents with kids in the Cub Scout age range (K-5th grade), who were very interested in finding a pack. So guess what? We’re making one! As of this writing, we are in the process of recruiting our first 5 (or more) Cubs, and I hope that by my next missive, I can report that we are up and running! Oh and by the way, this Cub Pack will be open to both boys AND girls. The future is coming, everyone, and we’re proud to be on the leading edge!

On a completely different topic, we have the paperwork and preliminary preparations done to register young ladies into Troop 166! We are ready! We just need to find those first 5 (or more) young ladies who are interested in the camping/leadership/fellowship-based program we already offer. Ladies, please feel free to come visit us and see if we’re doing things that look like fun. So far, we are the only troop in this are to welcome female Scouts, so why not come and enjoy a program that has been closed to you for far too long?

In other membership news, we have not only a new Scout, but a new Senior Patrol Leader! Scout Elijah was a Scout in another troop that folded here in Chicago. Well, Elijah finally found us, and joined up. The timing was pretty good, too. Elijah’s first official meeting with us happened to fall on our Junior Leadership Election night, and guess what? He was elected to be our new Senior Patrol Leader! For those of you not familiar with the term, the S.P.L. is the senior-most youth leader in a troop, and is responsible for leading the troop at all troop meetings and events. I’m looking forward to working with Elijah, as I am already impressed with his leadership abilities and ethics. Maybe another Eagle Scout in the pipeline? Oh, and as for the rest of our youth leadership? Scout Matt has been elevated to the position of Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, Scout Zak has resumed his previously-held responsibilities as Quartermaster, nad Scout Ted has been appointed by our new S.P.L. to be our Troop Scribe. Good luck to all of you, Scouts, and I look forward to the program we can make together.

Last month we reported that Troop 166 will be taking a variety of hikes (including a Haunted Hike to fit the season). Well, that’s still true. They just haven’t happened yet. Sadly, we decided to cancel a day trip to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon in Indiana. Quite simply, we just didn’t have any Scouts to go. These are a very busy bunch of young men, and sometimes Scouting just has to take a back seat. Looking ahead, though, we are planning to compete in two Orienteering meets in the month of October alone. We have a District Camporee weekend and two additional hikes before the end of the month (both on the same day. I can’t wait to see how that one turns out). We’re definitely getting the “outing in Scouting” this month, so I look forward to reporting great successes to you in next month’s newsletter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Friedl
Troop 166

P.S. Last month it was erroneously reported that the “Boy Scout” program was to be renamed “Scouting, BSA” as of the new year. It will actually be renamed “Scouts, BSA”. This one is on me. I told Quinn the wrong info last month. Sorry.

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