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Cub Scout Pack 3049
(Holland, Michigan)
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Pack 3049 is proudly chartered by West Ottawa School District's Lakewood Elementary
school in-session calendar attached below.

2019 Journey To Excellence GOLD recipient
"Scouting's Journey to Excellence" is the BSA's council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

this website last updated 6.9.20

2019-2020 Pack Events:

Jan 5, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

Jan 10, 6:30-8p Pack, Meeting, Popcorn Awards, Lakewood MPR

Jan 26, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

Feb 7, 7-9p Blue & Gold Banquet, Crossover Ceremony, Beechwood Church

Mar 1, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

Mar 13, 6-8p Pinewood Derby weigh-in, Beechwood Church
Mar 14, 10-12 noon Pinewood Derby race, Beechwood Church

Mar 29, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

Apr 17, time TBD Pack Service Project

May 3, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

May 15, 6-8p Potluck, Pack Meeting, Camporee, location TBD

May 25, 8:30-12 noon Memorial Day Parade

May 31, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

June 5, 6:30-9p Raingutter Regatta, Tunnel Park

June-July-August Cub Scout and Webelos Summer Camps

(Events listed above may have attached flyer at the bottom of this section...)

Below are the 2019-2020 dates for den meetings this year!


1. Tiger Den (1st gr) - TBD, beginning Sept ??  Scouting policy: a parent of each Scout must be present for duration of all meetings. - Lead by TBD

2. Wolf Den (2nd gr) - 1st/3rd Thurs ea. month, 6:30-7:30p, beginning Sept 19, Lakewood multi-purpose room (MPR) - Lead by Mrs. McCarty-Stob/Mr. White

3. Bear Den (3rd gr) - 1st/3rd Mon ea. month, 6:30-7:30p, beginning Sept 16, Lakewood multi-purpose room (MPR) - lead by Mr. Derby/Mr. Becker

4. Webelos I Den (4th gr) - 1st/3rd Tues ea. month, 66:30-7:30p, beginning Sept. 17, Lakewood multi-purpose room (MPR) - lead by Mr. Mudget/Mr. Lynema

5. Webelos II Den (5th gr) 1st/3rd Wed ea. month, 6:30-7:30p, beginning Sept 18, Lakewood MPR - lead by Mr. Mitchem/Mr. Drummond

General Announcements!

Pack 3049 has a facebook page that will be better used this year for sharing announcements, updates, Pack/Scout related communication.  Please join the group if it's a medium that would be helpful to you.  link to the page

Remember to share any pics you've taken at a scouting event, whether a Pack or den meeting.  They can be uploaded per these instructions HERE!  They'll be great to have archived for future reference/use!

Gerald R. Ford Scouts in the news!!  Opportunities will always abound in the BSA!

A new interactive site about Scouting uniforms:

Cub Scouts & Pack 3049

Cub Scout Pack 3049 is located in Holland, MI and chartered by the Lakewood Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. 

About Cub Scout Pack 3049

Our Mission:  Create a fun, safe, outdoor environment for our Cub Scouts to learn the twelve virtues of Scouting, build their character, and develop their leadership skills.

Our Goals: 
  1. Create fun and memorable experiences.
  2. Focus on achievement.
  3. Develop our Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts.

Our beliefs:

  1. We believe that Scouting is best character development and youth leadership program available.
  2. We believe we are making a positive contribution to our kids and their friends.
  3. We believe that Cub Scouting is a family program.

Contact us:  Pack 3049 Cubmaster



Join our Cub Scout Pack 3049

Anyone who is entering 1st through 5th grade are eligible to join Cub Scouts.  Our Scout year follows the school year and starts up in the fall.  We welcome kids from Lakewood School, Black River School, Waukazoo, and more.  We will communicate our fall recruitment drive at school open houses and student backpack mail.  Come and check out what Cub Scouts Pack 3049 has to offer for your kids. 

A Shout Out to new Cub Scouts

You can join scouting at any age.   You are going to have lot of fun and you will learn a lot of great new things this year.  Don’t worry about not knowing as much as some of the experienced scouts.  Your fellow scouts will welcome you to our den and they will help you out anyway they can, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You can also ask me, your den leader, for help as well.  As a new scout, you will have to complete The Bobcat Trail on your own and with some help from your parents.  The contents of the Bobcat Trail can be found in your Handbook and in the Bobcat Badge section at left of this page.  After completion, we will conduct a Bobcat ceremony to mark your achievement and welcome you to the Pack.  You will learn things like the Cub Scout Promise, the Cub Scout Handshake, the Cub Scout Sign and more.  Welcome to the Pack!

The path to Eagle Scout

1st Grade = Tiger
2nd Grade = Wolf
3rd Grade = Bear
4th Grade = Webelos I
5th Grade = Arrow of Light
Ages 12-17 = Boy Scouts

After 5th grade you join Boy Scouts and you will make your way through a series of levels towards becoming an Eagle Scout.  Each new level is earned through the cumulative achievement of merit badges.  A Boy Scout will start as a Boy Scout, to Tenderfoot, to Second Class, to First Class, to Star, to Life Scout, and after completing the Eagle Project, earning the rank of Eagle Scout.  Many Boy Scouts have become an Eagle Scout on a three year fast track program.  The deadline for becoming an Eagle Scout is your 18th birthday - no exceptions.


Boy Scouts is one of the most highly respected youth leadership programs in our country and Eagle Scouts are found at the highest levels of leadership throughout the business world, government, and more.

Where Pack 3049 has been...

Past Record of Events FYI:

Dec 13, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Toys for TotsChristmas party, Lakewood MPR

Nov 8, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Lakewood MPR

Dec 1, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

Sept 3, 6-7p Pack Sign-Up Night, Lakewood multi-purpose room (MPR)

Sept 13, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Camporee, Cadet Campground, 16455 Ransom St, Holland, MI 49424

Sept 29, 7-8p Pack Committee Mtng

Oct 11, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Pumpkin Carving, Lakewood MPR

Aug 26, 5:30p Lakewood Elementary Open House

Aug 16, 7p-7a Whitecaps game & Scout Campout (campout optional)

June 30- July 3 Webelos Summer Camp-Camp Gerber (for current Bear-Webelos)

Aug 7-9 Cub Scout Summer Camp-Camp Gerber (for current Tiger-Wolf)

May 17, 6:30-8p Spring Pack Meeting close-out, Cadet Campground

Jun 7, 5:30-7:30p Raingutter Regatta boat race, Tunnel Park

Apr 12, 6:30-8p Pack service project, Lakewood MPR

Mar 8, 6-8p Pinewood Derby weigh-in, Beechwood Church
Mar 9, 10a-12p Pinewood Derby Race, Beechwood Church

Feb 9 GR Griffins Hockey Scout Night

Feb 9, 7p GR Griffins Hockey Scout Night

Feb 1, 6:30-8:30p Blue & Gold Banquet, Arrow of Light ceremony, Beechwood Church

Jan 11, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Popcorn prizes, Pie-in-the-face party!

Past) Dec 14, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Toys for Tots and Christmas party, LW MPR

Past) Nov 10, SAT 9:30a-12 Pack Meeting, Self Defense/Abuse Prevention @ PKSA Karate

Past) Oct 12, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Pumpkin Carving, Lakewood MPR

Past) Sept 14, 6:30-8p Fall Kickoff Pack Meeting, Cadet Campground (campout following)
Den Meetings begin, see below for specific dates/times

Past) Aug 27, 5-7p Lakewood Elementary Open House

Past) Sept 6, 6-7p Pack 3049 New Scout sign up night, Lakewood Elem MPR

Past) Aug 27, 5-7p Lakewood Elementary Open House

Past) Aug 24, 7p-7a Whitecaps game & Scout Campout

Past) May 28, 9-10:30a Holland Memorial Day Parade, downtown Holland

Past) Jun 8, 6-8p Rain Gutter Regatta, Tunnel Park

Past) May 18-19, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting/Campout, **UPDATE: Kamp Kiwanis

Past) Apr 21, 9-11a Pack Service Project, Dunton Park Cleanup

Past) Mar 16, 6:30-8p Pinewood Derby weigh-in, Beechwood Church
  Mar 17, 9:30-11:30a Pinewood Derby race, Beechwood Church

Past) Feb 9, 6:30-8:30p Blue & Gold Banquet, AofL Crossover, Fellowship Ref Church

Past) Jan 12, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting POPCORN PRIZES, Lakewood Elementary, MPR

Past) Nov 10, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Lakewood Elementary, MPR

Past) Oct 13, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting-Pumpkin Carving!, Lakewood Elementary, MPR

Past) Sept 15, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting/Campout, Cadet Campground, 16455 Ransom St, Holland 49424

Past) Sept 6, 6-7p Pack 3049 School Night for Scouting, Boys wishing to sign up or to learn more about our Pack.  Current Scouts welcome as well.
Lakewood Elementary Multi-Purpose Room.

Past) Aug 25, 7p Scout Night at West Michigan Whitecaps (Campout on the field!)
Sign-up email was sent, RSVP by Aug 7!

Past) June-Aug Summer Resident and Day Camps

Past) May 29, 9:00a Line up for parade on Central Ave, between 8th & 9th streets
9:30a Memorial Day Parade start - downtown Holland
Past) Jun 9, 6-8p Rain gutter Regatta - Tunnel Park

Past) May 19, 6-8p Potluck, Pack Meeting, Rank Awards/Campout - Cadet Campground
16455 Ransom St, Holland, MI 49424 - North side of the road.

Past) Apr 21, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting - Lakewood Elem-cancelled

Past) Mar 10, 6-8p Pinewood Derby Weigh-in, Fellowship Reformed Church

Past) Mar 11, 10-noon Pinewood Derby Race, Fellowship Reformed Church

Past) Feb 4, 7p Scout Night at Grand Rapids Griffins Hockey 

Past) Feb 3, 6:30-8:30p Blue & Gold, Arrow of Light/Crossover Ceremony - Fellowship Church

Past) Jan 6, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Popcorn Sale Awards/Pie throwing - Lakewood Elem.

Past) Dec 9, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Toys for Tots, uniform inspection - Lakewood Elem.

Past) Nov 11, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Egg Drop competition! - Lakewood Elem.

Past) Oct 14, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting, Pumpkin Carving! - Lakewood Elem.

Past) Sept 7, 6-7p New Scouts registration, $30/Parent meeting, Lakewood Elementary

Past) Sept 9-10, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting & Camporee-Kamp Kiwanis, 385 Lakeshore Dr
Past) Aug 30, 5-7p Lakewood Elem Open House

Past) Aug 19-20, 7p Grand Rapids Whitecaps Scout Night/Campout on the field!

Past) Aug 6-7, 2-8p Cub Scout SHOOTING Day Camp, Chic-Owa Sportsman Club (for all Scouts)

Past) July 31-Aug 2 Cub Scout Overnight Camp at Camp Gerber (for new 2nd, 3rd graders)

Past) July 15-16, 12-6p Cub Scout STEM Day Camp, Hope College (for all Scouts)

Past) July 10-13 Webelos Overnight Camp at Camp Gerber (for new 4th, 5th graders)

Past) Jun 20-22, 2-8p Cub Scout Day Camp, Cadet Campground, Holland (for all Scouts)

Past) Jun 10, 6-8p Rain gutter Regatta Boat Race!, BBQ, Tunnel Park

Past) May 30 9:30a Memorial Day Parade, Meet near Alpine Rose at 9a!

Past) May 20-21, 6:30-8:30p Pack Meeting, potluck and Den Crossover Ceremonies! (& campout), Kamp Kiwanis

Past) Apr 16, 10-noon Pack service project, field cleanup near Fat Burrito/Dairy Queen

Past) Apr 15, 6:30p Pack Meeting, Pack Carnival, Lakewood MPR

Past) Mar 11 6:30-8p Pinewood Derby car weigh-in window, Fellowship Church

Past) Mar 12, 10-noon Pinewood Derby Race!, Fellowship Church

Past) Feb 12, 6:30-9p Blue & Gold Banquet and Webelos Crossover Ceremony!, Fellowship Church

Past) Jan 23, 7p Scout Night at GR Griffins Hockey!

Past) Jan 16, 1-3p Sledding at Pigeon Creek!

Past) Jan 8, 6:30p Pack Meeting, Lakewood Elem, MPR, Popcorn Awards!

Past) Dec 11, 6:30p Pack Meeting, Lakewood Elem, MPR, Toys for Tots, Christmas catapults!

Past) Nov 13, 6:30p Pack Meeting, Lakewood Elem, MPR, Egg Drop competition!

Past) Nov 7, 9a-4p Pow Wow 2015, Pack Leader Workshop, Allendale

Past) Oct 16, 6:30p Pack Meeting, Lakewood Elem, MPR, Pumpkin Carving!

Past) Oct 10, 1-5p Scout Fishing Derby, Huizenga Park, 499 100th Ave, Zeeland
Family event, bring all your own gear & bait. Prizes!
Hosted by President Ford Council, Grand Rapids

Past) Sept 11, 6:00p Parent Info Mtng/New Scout sign-up, Lakewood Elem, Multi-purpose room (MPR)

Past) Sept 11, 7:00p Pack Meeting, Lakewood Elem, MPR
Past)  Sept 1, 5-7p Lakewood Elem Open House, INVITE your friends to stop by our booth!

Past)  Aug 28, 7p WM Whitecaps Scout Night/Campout on the field!

Past)  Aug 14-15 STEM Day Camp - For ALL Scouts - Cadet Camp, Holland

Past)  Aug 2-4 Cub Scout Overnight Camp - For current Tigers/Wolves - Camp Gerber

Past)  July 19-22 Webelos Overnight Camp - For current Bears/Web Is - Camp Gerber

Past) Jun 22-24 Cub Scout Day Camp - For ALL Scouts - Cadet Camp, Holland

Past) June 5, 6-8p Rain gutter Regatta - Tunnel Park

Past) May 15-16, 6:30-8:30p Pack Mtng - Campout @ Kiwanis

Past) Apr 24, 6:30-8p Pack Mtng - Service Project, Fellowship Reformed Church

Past) Mar 20, 6-8p Pinewood Derby weigh-in open time @ Fellowship Church
Event flyer with details is attached below...
  Mar 21, 10a-12p Pinewood Derby race @ Fellowship Church
Derby rules are attached below...

Past) Congratulations to Andrew S, Connor M, Derek P, Jaysen H, Josh E, Lucas M, Ryan M, Sean D, for achieving Cub Scoutings highest rank, Arrow of Light!

Past) Feb 13, 6-8p Blue & Gold Banquet, Webelos Arrow of Light/Crossover Ceremonies!
Fellowship Reformed Church

Pack Meeting-Lakewood elementary, Popcorn Awards and Pie-Throwing!

Past) Jan 24, 7p Griffins Hockey Scout Night!

Past) Dec 12, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting-Lakewood Elementary, Toys for Tots, Lego robots!

Past) Nov 21, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting-Lakewood Elementary, Bobcat Badge Ceremony, Nerf blow gun fun!

Past) Oct 17, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting-Lakewood Elementary, Pumpkin Carving!
Here is what you need to know for the Halloween pumpkin family project:
-Please bring whatever number of pumpkins you want for your family. It can be a large pumpkin or a small gourd, already cleaned out on the inside or not.
-Please bring newspaper and maybe plastic grocery bags to help contain the mess.
-You can carve them or decorate them, carving tools and some decorations will be provided by the Pack, but it may also be helpful if you can bring some tools and decorations if you wish. Hot glue guns and craft glue will be provided.  PLEASE NO KNIVES!
-Small candles will be provided by the Pack to light it up if carved
-Small prizes will be award for the scariest and the cutest pumpkin
-Cookies, lemonade, cider will be available refreshments during event

Past) Oct 12, 2-4p Fishing at New Docks near Holland St. Park!  Earn Fishing belt loop!
13 new scouts get a free rod & reel!  All Scouts can earn the belt loop, earth worms provided! All family is welcome!
All of the rest of the Scouts (and siblings) can bring their fishing gear and do some fishing and earn a belt loop if you haven't already!  Any parents are welcome to stay as well but CANNOT hold a pole in the water without a fishing license.

Past) Sept 19-20, 6:30-8p Pack Meeting & Camporee to kick-off the new Scouting year!-Kamp Kiwanis,
385 Lakeshore Dr, Holland (midway between Lakewood & James Streets)

Past) Sept 9, 6:30-7:30p Pack 3049 School Night for Scouting at Lakewood Elem! If you have recently registered or expressed interest in joining our Pack, come and ask questions/get answers and get started with our Pack!! See attached flyer posted below for more details!

Past) Aug 22, 7p Scout night at WM Whitecaps with overnight campout on field!
            Open to the whole pack-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. 28 PARTICIPANTS!!!

Past) Aug 7-9 Cub Scout Summer Camp @ Camp Gerber, Twin Lakes

Past) July 20-23 Webelos Summer Camp @ Camp Gerber, Twin Lakes

Past) June 23-25 Cub Scout Day Camp - Cadet Campground, Holland

Past) June 7, 5-8p Raingutter Regatta Race/Picnic @ Tunnel Park

Past) May 26, 9:30a Memorial Day Parade March - Downtown Holland
All Scouts in uniform are invited to walk the parade with Pack 3049/3030!  We'll meet at approx. River Ave & 8th Street at 9am for a 9:30 parade start time.  Parents will need to meet your Scout for pickup at the parade end at the cemetary on 16th St.  It takes approx. 30 min to walk the parade route.

Past) Congratulations to Andrew G. & TJ M. for achieving Cub Scoutings highest rank, Arrow of Light!

Past) ***UPDATE TO TONIGHTS PLANS: We're going with Plan B-the scheduled agenda will be held as planned but at Lakewood Elementary. Those attending the overnight will make a decision at the meeting whether to camp out at Kiwanis or not.***
May 16-17 Pack Mtng - Rank Advancement/Webelos Crossover @ Lakewood Elementary
Campout until 10:30a the next morning.  See attached flyer below for details!, RSVP needed!
5:30-6:30p Check-in/Camp setup if you're camping overnight
6:30-7:30p Potluck Dinner, see flyer for food assignment
7:30-8:15p Pack Meeting
8:15-9:00p Arrow of Light/Crossover Ceremony

Past) April 25, 6-8:30pm Pack Mtng - Kamp Kiwanis Klean Up Service Project! - A 4-part meeting! 
1) give back to Kiwanis by cleaning up the camp!
2) outdoor den challenges!
3) rank achievment/electives wrap up!
4) s'mores n' such on the campfire!

Past) Pinewood Derby!
March 22, 8:30am weigh-in followed by 10am race! Beechwood Church.  All family members are welcome to come cheer on our Scouts!  An open division following for siblings/parents.  Scroll down for attached event flyer!

Past) Blue & Gold Banquet! - Happy 84th Birthday to Cub Scouting!!
Feb 21, 6:30-8:30pm Lakewood MPR!  Pack Scout awards! A very cool Scout/Sibling project & game! A sundae dessert bar!  Don't miss out, all families are welcome!  Scroll below for attached event flyer!

Past) Dec 13 - Pack Meeting, 6:30-8:00 Lakewood MPR! Popcorn awards, pie-in-the-face fun!, Toys for Tots!  Bring 1+ toys unwrapped to give to the Marine who will be attending to deliver the gifts to the organization and to inspect our boys' uniforms!

Past) Dec 14 - Scout Night at GR Griffins Hockey Game! $14/person, Families welcome!  Sign-up sent in email on 12/2/13, commitment due 12/4 by noon!  UPDATE: There are 30 signed up to go-should be a good time!

Past) Pack Meeting Friday, Nov 8, 6:30-8p, Lakewood Elementary.  Scout awards and an awesome family project of making neckerchief slides!  Small para cord projects for the siblings.  Bring any material you would like to use to construct your slide but many materials will also be provided for construction.

Attention Pack 3049!
Fall Recruiting efforts continue through Sept & Oct this year!  All scouts will receive a cool Cub Scouting hat if you bring a friend into our Pack!  Talk to your friends and tell them how much fun it is and the great things you get to do!  Last thing, Annual Pack registration is 1/2 off for 1st year Scouts, only $25!

Past) Pack Meeting Friday, Oct 18, 6:30-8:30p, Lakewood Elementary-
Here is what you need to know for the Halloween pumpkin family project:
-Please bring whatever number of pumpkins you want for your family.  It can be a large pumpkin or a small gourd, already cleaned out on the inside or not.
-Please bring newspaper and maybe plastic grocery bags to help contain the mess.
-You can carve them or decorate them, carving tools and some decorations will be provided by the Pack, but it may also be helpful if you can bring some tools and decorations if you wish.  Hot glue guns and glitter glue will be provided.
-Small candles will be provided by the Pack to light it up if carved
-Small prizes will be awarded for the scariest and the cutest pumpkin
-Cookies, lemonade and cider will be available refreshments during event

Past) 2013-2014 Scouting Season kick-off Pack Meeting/Camporee @ Kamp Kiwanis - Sept 20-21 see map here Meeting is 6:30-8:00. See the flyer attached below for all the details including a required RSVP!

Past) Scout Night and overnight camping at the GR Whitecaps baseball game! Aug 16, 7p.  RSVP required!

Past) Congratulations to Colin B, Jeffery G, Lane S, Remy R, Tyler B,  for achieving Cub Scoutings highest rank, Arrow of Light!

Past) Pack 3049 Marching in Memorial Day Parade!-Monday, May 27, meet @ 9:00AM, on West side of Central Ave between 8th & 9th streets.
Wear your full uniform and comfortable walking shoes.  It takes about an hour to march and parents/siblings are invited to march along.  All must arrange for pick up at parade's end at the entrance of Pilgrim Home Cemetery on 16th Street West of Menards.

Past) CHANGE OF PLANS! - This event is now only Friday night, April 19, 6-10PM, NOT an overnight campout. - Kamp Kiwanis.  We will have a campfire, outdoor games and outdoor/indoor projects.  This will be the perfect time to finish up any Rank achievements, arrow point electives, or belt loops/pins in preparation for the end-of-year Pack Meeting in May.  A parent, mom or dad, is suggested to stay with your scout for the duration of this event.  This is not a family event.  See attached flyer below for more details!

Past) Saturday, Mar 16, 8-11am, Beechwood Church - Pinewood Derby Race!  All families welcome! See attached flyer below for more details.

Past) Cub Scout Pack 3049 Info/Signup night at Lakewood Elementary.  Monday, Sept 10, 6:30-7:30pm, Multi-purpose room. This is the place for new scouts/parents to come ask questions and learn the specifics of our Pack!  See flyer attached below!  We had a great night! 12 new Scouts in Pack 3049 so far!  There is still plenty of time to get started!  Email us here!

Past) UPDATE 4PM Friday: We will be having the Pack meeting indoors at the Lodge at Kamp Kiwanis tonight. But plan on some outside activity/camping out as planned.  Tenters can change to sleeping cabins if they'd like.
2012-2013 Scouting Season kick-off Pack Meeting/Camporee @ Kamp Kiwanis - Sept 21-22 see map here Meeting is 6:30-8:00. See the flyer attached below for all the details including a required RSVP!

Past) Friday, Dec 14 - Pack Meeting at Lakewood Elem. with the following agenda:
1) Toys for Tots will be here!  Please bring a new, unwrapped toy(s) to donate

2) Uniform inspection from a Marine to receive a special pin!  Uniform tucked in, all badges and beads properly displayed, and neckerchief on!  This includes all leaders!  Scroll to the bottom of this page for uniform guides.  Contact Cubmaster here if there are uniform questions/challenges.  

3) Popcorn awards to be given including smear the Cubmaster for the 600 club!

4) Pack t-shirts will be available for pick-up and purchase!  If you have not yet paid for your t-shirt, please bring cash/check made out to Pack 3049.

Past)Tues, Feb 12 6:00-8:00pm - Pack 3049 Blue & Gold Banquet, Beechwood Church. Changed from the original Friday, Feb 15.  See attachment below for event details!

Past) Congratulations to Avery M, Jack H, Will T, for achieving Cub Scoutings highest rank, Arrow of Light!