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Boy Scout Troop 51
(Methuen, Massachusetts)
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Troop 51 Boy Scouts
Meet on Tuesday Nights
7;00 to 8:30 P.M.
At The Methuen V.F.W. Post 8349
26 River Street

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Part of this site is public and can be viewed by anyone.  The other part is private for Troop 51 members  only.  By having a private site, we are able to post calender events and photos without giving access to the world wide web.  This is a work in progress so please check back for updates and additions.  To gain access to the private site, please send an email  by clicking the link above.  Please provide parent(s) name, parent(s) email, Scout name, Scout rank and Patrol  leader.  You will receive and email invitation to the Troop 51 private site.  The first time you go to the website, click My Profile and fill in the rest of your information

Troop 51 History


Troop 51 History

Troop 51 was first established in 1929.  It was chartered under the Men’s Club Congregational Church, with 25 boys, and the troop’s first Scoutmaster, Ralph Smith.  One year later, Mr. E. Jenkinson took the role of Scoutmaster.  In 1935, the troop was disbanded.

In 1938, Troop 51 was re-established, this time at Mount Carmel Parish in Methuen.  Within five years, the troop had three different scoutmasters; Reverend Frances Frechette, Richard Vincent, and Armand LaFleur.  In 1941, the troop was once again disbanded.

In 1972, Troop 51 was yet again re-established, at Mount Carmel Parish under the leadership of Robert Folley.  During this time, one of the 18 scouts enrolled, Peter St. Louis, earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  St. Louis was the first scout in 40 years of the troop’s history to earn the rank.  This represents the end of the “Eagle Scout draught” of the time, and the opening of the flood gates, as the years that follow illustrate.  During the time the troop was at Mount Carmel Parish, Jack Tomey, Roger Goulet, Greg Korzeb, and the current scoutmaster, Paul T. Hale II were all scoutmasters.  By the time the troop had its 10th Scoutmaster, the troop moved from Mount Carmel Parish to its current home at the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Arnold Greenwood Post 8349.

Troop 51’s more recent years have been more active than ever.  Currently, the troop has over 55 Eagle Scouts, with many more to come. 

“I love camping.  It’s been in my blood since I was…born.  I would sleep in a crib in a tent with my parents.  I just love the outdoors and I want to pass on what I know so…[others] can take care of themselves in the woods.”  In 2005, the current Scoutmaster, Paul T. Hale, II celebrated his 25th year as Scoutmaster.  Paul has been active in the program for years and has a true connection to the Boy Scouts of America.  Many consider him to be a model of scouting and its ideals.

Troop 51 Eagle Scouts Fundraiser


Eagle Scouts

Methuen MA




Dear Parents & Friends


Troop 51 Eagle Scouts are beginning an exciting fundraising drive. QSP was selected for their wide range of products and their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


 Camp was a Great time this Past summer. Its time to start saving for next year.


The funds we raise will be used for the benefit of our Scouts. To help them pay their cost for summer camp.  To make this project a huge success it is important to have your full cooperation and to offer the “Magazine Online Fundraising” to all your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members.  A great way to boost sales is to bring the Flyer into the office / place of work and then pass it around. Or email them from this site MethuenMa  




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COVID - 19 information

 Please stay safe
Keep up to date on COVID -19

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New Gun Safety Videos

Please watch the videos with your parents & print & fill out the
Project Child safe Pledge form. Bring it to the Holiday trip.

 This is the links

If you have Shooting glasses & ear muffs  you can bring them to use.
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Firearm Safety Depends On You.htm Firearm safety depends on you  
PCSPledge2014.pdf Project Child safe Pledge form  

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