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Troop 2, Flag Ceremony at Camp Frontier

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Troop 2 Eagle Scouts- Leadership Since 1969!!

Jack Klotz, Steven Melchi, James Henninger, Mark Cousino, Michael Suchy, Thomas Klotz, Michael Singer, Mark DeBacher, Keith Inderrieden, Russell Elms, Douglas Sutton, Kevin Kuhl, Brian Wagner, Philip Keeler, David Williams, Charles Cliffe, Douglas Schlegel, Jay Chase, Michael Wahl, Mark Roup, Mark Ridenhour, John Schlegel, Michael Leggio, William Lowry, Timothy Sterling, Jeffrey Nowak, Thomas Stichter, Daniel Nowak, Mark Jenson, Michael Honner, John Borell Jr., Chris Reynolds, William Wolfe Jr., William Esterly, Dan Speck, Andrew Hannah, Timothy Hodgden, Allen Ziemkiewicz, Thomas Cray, Kenneth Hannah, Tom Hodgden, Patrick Jones, Michael Davis II, Ted Mroz, Robert Shibley, John Molnar, Joe Gozdowski, Robert Molnar, Andrew Wharram, Brian Dibling, Jeremy Wertz, Adam Gomoll, Brian Lorigan, Jon Nieman, Andrew White, Nathan Smith, Theodore Hufstader, Gregory Barger, Robert Woods, Steven Saxion, Sean Scully, Jon Goodwin, Scott Fry, Matthew Blaine, William Hufstader, Kris Goodwin, Matthew Groat, Michael Garber, Kevin Koepfer, Ross Bernard, Nickolas Blaine, Daniel Fleming, Paul Richard Simon, Bobby Falgout, Andrew Jex, Joe Bisbee, Aaron Shaner, Andy Shall, Joey Lozano, Tanner Wertz, Jacob Long, Colby Braker, Jacob Nelson, Alex Truman, Justin Semler

This is a partial list 1969 to 2015.

Please visit our new Troop 2 web site at:

We Are ... TROOP 2!!

Troop 2 Pictures

Congratulations, Troop 2 Volunteers!!

2015 awards from the Northwest District of Erie Shores Council, BSA:
Pictured left to right: Tom Shaw, Scoutmaster of-the-Year; David Jex, NW Assistant Commish; Kevin Semler, Committee-member-of-the-Year.
Not pictured: Jacob Long, Eagle Scout-of-the-Year

Joke Time!!

  • Scout 1: What do zombies serve at tea?
  • Scout 2: I don't know.
  • Scout 1: Lady fingers.

  • Scout 1: What is the one thing that can harm Super-Mummy?
  • Scout 2: I don't know.
  • Scout 1: Crypt-onite

  • Scout 1: What do ghosts need before they can scare people?
  • Scout 2: I don't know.
  • Scout 1: A Haunting license.

  • Scout 1: Why did the Invisible Man forfeit the boxing match?
  • Scout 2: I don't know.
  • Scout 1: Because he was a no-show.

  • Scout 1: Why did the mummy miss the party?
  • Scout 2: I don't know.
  • Scout 1: Because she was all wrapped up in her work.

Roadside Cleanup Patrol - King Road, Brint to Cent