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Troop 52767 -- Service Unit 530


Troop 52767

We are a Senior Girl Scout troop of 12 members, meeting at Whittier Elementary School in Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood on the shores of Puget Sound.  Our troop members attend school at Salmon Bay, Hamilton, Whitman, University Prep and Seattle Academy.  We have chosen the red carnation as our troop crest.

In 2010-11, we participated in Mix It Up 2011 (an international Scouting event), led events at two service unit encampments, troop camped at Camp Lyle McLeod, went to Camp Evergreen for three days, and spent a week at Mountain Valley Community Camp.  We canoed, went snow-tubing, put on a talent show, marched in the Synttende Mai parade, sold lots of cookies, volunteered in a teen feeding program and participated in public service with Friends of the Cedar River.

In 2011-12, we are in fifth-grade.  We went to Canada for Mix It Up 2012, went canoeing at River Ranch, led Juliette Low activities at our service unit encampment, went swimming, put on a fashion show of vintage Girl Scout uniforms in honor of the Centennial of Girl Scouting, went ice- skating, have been cooking, visited the doll museum in Bellevue, attended a Shakespeare play in which some troop members were performing, visited the SPD equine division, volunteered for Teen Feed, Friends of the Cedar River Watershed and Puget Sound Bluebird Recovery, and are participating in the Centennial Forever Green challenges.  We went snowshoeing and snow tubing in March.  In April, we received 4th place in our first outing at the council's Outdoor Skills competition, and were honored with the Teamwork Award.  In May, we completed a digital photography workshop at the Microsoft store and are looking forward to kayaking at Camp River Ranch.  We returned to Mountain Valley Community camp once again.  We have worked on the 'It's Important to Me," "First Aid," "Let's Get Cooking," "Winter Sports," and "Model Citizen" badges and the Sign of the Sun and Sign of the World. 

In 2012-13, we are in sixth-grade.  We revisited Mix It Up near Mt. Baker this year.  We kayaked at River Ranch, helped run a booth at the Whittier Halloween carnival, x-c skiied, attended service unit encampment, camped at Birch Bay State Park, Mt Rainier National Park, and Camp St. Alban's.  We traveled to Montana for a week of adventure at Iron Wheel Guest Ranch, Lewis & Clark Caverns, 3 Forks of the Missouri River, and Silverwood.  We visited 4 water parks.   We earned our Bronze Award by sewing 500 napkins for use at Camp River Ranch and volunteered on behalf of our service unit.  Several members were PAs at Woodland Park Day Camp. 

In 2013-14, we are in seventh-grade.  We swam, ice-skated, and pumpkin carved.  We had a progressive dinner.  We competed at the Cascade Challenge, earning the Mt. Adams award.  We attending Expanding our Horizons once more.

Our Scout leaders are Hope Haugen, Jaime Hensel and Joanna Laycock.