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Hoyt Arboretum Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial Hike

Hoy Arboretum Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial Hike medal and patch This Scout hike was created by Jim Brossard of Troop 120 in Sherwood, Oregon. It is located in the Washington Park area of Portland and encompasses trails beginning at the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial and winding through Hoyt Arboretum with a visit to the Japanese Gardens. The Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial at the beginning of the trail is modeled after the National Memorial in Washington D.C. listing the names of servicemen from Oregon by year that they were killed or listed as missing in action. Some of those killed and missing were only a few years older than the boys in your troop and will provide a memorable start for your scouts.

The Hoyt Arboretum contains over 1000 species of trees and shrubs that are labeled and displayed on its 175 acre site. Your scouts should be able to increase their knowledge of plant identification and fulfill the plant identification requirements for First Class Scout. The arboretum contains 21 hiking trails with over 12 miles winding through Portland's west hills. Ten miles need to be hiked to earn the medal and patch. This can be a great first hike for your new scouts, they can put on their backpacks and load up their gear for a shake down hike learning about wheat to bring and how to pack their packs for backpack trips. You will be close to your start point throughout most of the hike should any problems occur where you need to have a Scout shed his pack.

The Japanese Gardens are on the trail route and can be toured at your option. Designed in 1963 by Professor P. Takuma Tono, and internationally renowned authority on Japanese Landscaping, five traditional gardens, an authentic Japanese Tea House a pavilion combine to recapture the mood of ancient Japan. Covering five and one half acres is The Flat Garden (Hira-niwa), Strolling Pond Garden (Chisen-Kaiyui-Shiki), Tea Garden (Roji-niwa), Natural Garden (Shukeiyen) and the sand and stone garden (Seki-Tei). The Japanese Garden is open daily including Sunday. Hours vary by season so call ahead or pick up a brochure. Admission is charged.

Guided Arboretum tours are offered every Saturday and Sunday leaving the visitor center at 2pm. The arboretum grounds are open during the daylight hours.

The Hoyt Arboretum Trail awards have been approved by the Cascade Pacific Council for wear on the official uniform under Clause 11 of the official uniform rules and regulations. The trail medal can be one of fie pinned in a single row above the left pocket. The patches can be worn on any temporary patch location; for example, on the right hand pocket of the shirt or on the back of the merit badge sash, or on a jacket or backpack.

Hiking Instructions
The arboretum is lain out with most of the trails going from south to north and back. The intent of the hike is to start at the memorial, hike to the easter boundary of the arboretum, then hike along the the eastern boundary to the northeast corner of the arboretum by the Japanese Garden. Then from there you should zig zag by going south then north on trails while woking your way from the eastern side to the wester side of the park. The final leg will be from the northwest corner back to the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial

  1. Start at the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial. After visiting the memorial hike east on Dogwood to the Overlook Trail.
  2. Hike east on the Overlook Trail to either Maple or Walnut. Hike on either of these trails until they join Wildwood.
  3. Hike north on Wildwood to the Japanese Garden Trail and down the trail to the garden entrance (part of this route is missing on the map).
  4. Hike back on the Japanese Garden Trail and take the northern part of the Wildwood Trail until tit intersects Magnolia.
  5. Hike south on magnolia to Wildwood then south on Wildwood to Cherry to Hawthorn.
  6. Hike north on Hawthorn to Cherry, north on Cherry to the intersection of the Overlook Trail.
  7. Hike east for a short distance and then northwest on the Overlook Trail to the parking lot of the visitor's center.
  8. From the parking lot hike east to the second intersection of the Beech Trail.
  9. Hike the Beech Trail north to the Magnolia Trail and the Magnolia Trail to the Wild wood Trail.
  10. Hike northwest on the Wildwood Trail to the Oak Trail.
  11. Hike South on the Oak Trail until it intersects Fairview Boulevard. Hike south on Fairview Boulevard to the picnic shelter.
  12. From the picnic shelter hike north on the Fir Trail to the Wildwood trail.
  13. Hike northwest on the Wildwood trail to the Spruce Trail. Hike the Spruce Trail back to the picnic shelter.
  14. Hike the Redwood Trail up to the Wildwood Trail.
  15. Hike the Wildwood Trail to the Creek Trail. Hike the Creek Trail south to the small parking lot.
  16. From the parking lot, hike the Bristlecone Pine Trail. Hike the Himalayan Pine Trail to the Fischer Land.
  17. Hike up Fischer Lane to the White Pine Trail.
  18. Take the White Pine Trail hiking first northwest and then south to the Hemlock Trail.
  19. Take the Hemlock Trail to the Wildwood Trail.
  20. Go first south and then east on the Wildwood Trail back tot he parking lot for the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial to complete the hike.