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Orienteering at Freeman-Kame Forest Preserve, 10/22/17
  • Well, first Orange course, and we finished it. Actually finished it faster than someone, too. 
  • Donated copious amounts of blood to the brambles of Illinois. 
OA Fall Fellowship, 9/29/17
  • Zak was awesome as the "Mighty Chief". I hope he does it again.
  • Quinn managed as well as can be expected, given the level of cooperation and competence available. Definitely earned his "Herding Cats" merit badge.
McCook Reservoir, 9/17/17
  • About as fun as a big hole for collecting rainwater and sewerage can be. 'Nuff said.
A River Through History, 9/10/17
  • Very nice, but not quite up to Feast of the Hunter's Moon.
  • Much closer, though, so overall, comparable.
  • Tomahawk throwing is as fun as you might think. And yes, we have some marksmen with this as well as rifle, bow and... never mind.
Bristol Renaissance Fair, Scout Weekend, 7/15/17
  • When your costumes are so good people mistake you for staff, you win!
Owasippe Scout Reservation, 6/24/17
  • Scout camp is not supposed to be a fat farm! Food provider should be FIRED!
  • More truly IS merrier. More adults made light work. Can't wait to test that axiom with Scouts.
  • Actually, we did. Four Scouts is a lot better than two Scouts. Can we try for six next year?
  • Mid-week puzzle room was a great idea, and might be repeated, given opportunity.
  • Addendum: Food supplier WAS fired. 
Cimmarron Archery, 6/4/17
  • A new activity for us, but one to be repeated. Much more fun than just shooting at the same target ad infinitum
  • Part of trail was unsafe due to recent heavy weather. Expect better next time.
  • Targets were a little beaten up, and a few were found inappropriate by Scoutmaster (too humanoid). 
  • Our Scouts might lose some weight if they had to shoot their food, but probably wouldn't starve.
Blackwell Forest Preserve, 5/5/17
  • Archery range was ideal.
  • Campsite was comfortable, as before. 
  • Weather was a challenge, and once again, lost a pop-up shelter to wind.
McFetridge Ice Arena, 4/8/17
  • Challenging, but fun. 
  • Shoe-tying is a mandatory skill
  • Must schedule this for hot weather
Camp Oakarro, 3/25/17

  • Dutch oven cooking went very well. New two-meal plus snacks protocol seems to work very well.
  • Orienteering program was successful, but occasionally frustrating. 
  • Sunday morning bug-out was quicker, easier and more organized than accomplished in quite some time. Credit to PL, QM and new tote system.

Lessons Learned

Camp Oakarro, 3/25/17
  • Preparing meal ingredients before leaving home is one heck of a time-saver.
  • A tin roof may keep you dry, but conversations suffer. Badly.
  • Premium charcoal is worth the price!
  • Our new coffeemaker needs a FULL propane bottle.
  • When using an aluminum dutch oven liner, be sure the bottom of the liner is in contact with the bottom of the oven.
  • Some ways of tying hiking boots are better than others.
  • Always, ALWAYS, check the compass rose on the map.
  • Removing a Black-Legged Tick HURTS!
  • Setting up an orienteering course is more work than it seems, especially using the old punch methods.
  • How to bake blueberry cobbler and chicken pot pie in a dutch oven. (Hint: don't use the same oven.)


Troop HQ, 10/18/17
  • Most recent QM check reveals:
    • two fully prepped 3-scout dome tents
    • One fully prepped cabin tent (courtesy of Mr. Murawski)
    • two damaged, but reparable 1-2-scout dome tents
Camp Blackhawk, Owasippe Scout Reservation, 6/24/17 - 7/8/17
  • Messrs. Schroeter's kybo upgrades are a rousing success! Bravo Zulu, gentlemen!
  • The pvc pipe mosquito net frames worked like a charm.
  • Mr. Witt's pool noodle idea worked like a charm on the popup canopy, but it was so damaged from previous use that it was abandoned.
  • Mr. Friedl's floorboard lifters failed in practice, but refinements to the implementation hold promise for next year.
Camp Oakarro, 3/25/17
  • When one out of three tents is serviceable, you'd better have a shelter to hide under. Tents must be re-evaluated.
  • Purchased a new dutch oven lid lifter.
  • Made a new lid lifter for the small-holed dutch oven lid. Included in dutch oven tote. Looks like a bent tent stake because it is.
  • Purchased a new stand for dutch oven lids.
  • Tote system is getting better, and further improvements will make camping much easier.